Some nice things people said about me ...

as seen on my LinkedIn. All titles are listed as they were at the time we worked together.


Sr. Product ManageR, Nickelodeon

Steve Justice

I first worked with Stephanie when she joined Nickelodeon in the midst of a challenging and game-changing redesign for

Steph quickly mastered the responsive UX and product vision for the site and soon took over as the user experience lead for the project.

Her leadership, innovation and poise make her an invaluable asset to the Nickelodeon team. And, her ability to clearly communicate complex ideas and solutions sets her up for continued success.


DesignER, At Play Creative

Sarah Shoemaker

For the past two years Stephanie has been my Art Director/Creative Director while at At Play Creative. She is a complete pleasure to work with because of her direct yet kind personality. She is very clear minded, efficient, and organized. At her core she is a problem solver, and I have yet to see a problem she could not solve!


Content Strategist, At Play Creative

Julie Hogenboom

Steph was a dream partner for me at At Play Creative, where we worked together on the DC Comics, Ergobaby and BOOM! Studios accounts. I have never met anyone with her skillset—top-notch creative instincts but also a knack for production, the ability to listen and respond to client needs with compelling design solutions, and a talent for juggling the most minute details of a project alongside the big picture needs of the business. She is incredibly organized, efficient, and articulate. 

Steph is attuned to multiple stakeholders at a time—nurturing and steering the talents of her design team, collaborating fluidly with other team members, providing guidance and support to agency leadership, and catering to clients. She would be a tremendous creative contributor to any team doing interesting digital work. I highly recommend her.


Copy Consultant, The Content Department

Barak Zimmerman

I'm always happy to hear that I'm on a project with Steph, because I know it'll run smoothly, be fun, and end up looking great. It's rare that a designer can serve as a producer, PM, manager, and client hand-holder -- and do all of them so well -- but Steph just gets it all done and keeps on smiling, no matter how late it gets. Despite her long list of skills, it's key to remember that she's a great designer who happens to be very good at doing lots of related things, which sometimes makes her appear superhuman. And makes her lucky employer, whoever that may be, look very, very good.


Creative Producer and Director, At Play Creative

Bryan Lukasik

Steph is one of those people that if you can a chance to work with her, you are the lucky one. She is a true collaborator. Her eye for design, detail and overall ascetics is right on point. Her ability to manage is far above and beyond. She can direct an entire team, design, strategize and pitch all at the same time. She is extremely highly detailed and organized. She is a team player - people love working with her. She is a great communicator. She is direct and professional. She has extremely high standards. She strives to stay current and relevant in the digital world. She is loyal, committed and passionate about the work she is doing. Steph is great.


Project Manager, At Play Creative

Amy Lum Seidner

Stephanie is a perfect blend of creative director and designer. She has a strong POV, great design sense, listens to the client, and ensures on-time deliveries. It was such a pleasure working with someone who was hard working and just a nice person to be around. Highly regarded and recommended.


Director of Operation, At Play creative

Gary Delossa

It was a true pleasure to work with Stephanie Lopez. While at At Play Creative, Stephanie and I worked closely together on key accounts such as Hasbro, DC Comics and Ergo Baby.

My recommendation covers three areas. Design, client & program management and leadership. 

Her design is extremely sophisticated, honing in on the essence of each brand she works with. It's a pleasure to interact with clients who were so happy with the design work coming from Stephanie and her team. The quality of her work truly speaks for itself.

Another strength is her management of projects. I believe that it centers around her ability to interact with her clients and get the right information to create successful projects - every time. She really has one of those minds that remembers every detail and addresses those details to the client's satisfaction while retaining the design integrity of her projects. 

Finally, her leadership skills are top notch. Her team is very dedicated to her as she strives to develop each of her designers skills and professional development. She is a leader who sets objectives and really embraces the many ways her team achieves those objectives. She doesn't micro-manage, but takes the time to have thoughtful and useful reviews during the design process.

Stephanie is a seasoned professional who has worked on global brands with great success. Her warm and funny personality charms clients and co-workers alike, making it a pleasure to be part of her team.


Executive Creative Director, At Play Creative

Gary Smith

Stephanie is one of the best employees I've had in a long while. During the 4 years we've worked together, she went from being a very quiet freelance designer sitting in one of those nasty gray or tan cubicles producing beautiful work to a leader in the company. 

She's proactive and time efficient. She anticipates what needs to be done and does it without be asked. If she doesn't know how to do something, she'll learn it.
She's a great visual designer with UI, UX and project management skills. She has the ability to help manage a project, schedules and resources (both technical and creative). She'll also jump in and write high-level code or produce a set of wireframes whenever possible. She's a great "pinch hitter". 
Stephanie is a team player and leader. She understands and leverages a person's strengths and downplays their weakness. She is able to manage diverse personalities to get the best work from each individual. She inspires those around her. 

Don't let a short resume fool you. She has skills and abilities beyond her years. I've worked with a lot of talented people over the years. She can hold her own with any of them.


Client, Hasbro

Felicia Megginson

Stephanie is a highly creative and thoughtful designer who is an extremely hard worker. Cannot tell you how many after hours emails I received from her during my time working with her, and not because she was slacking in the day time, but because she wanted to make sure the project delivered on time. Stephanie works with you to create requested design products as close to your specifications as possible. She is a willing and capable collaborator, who delivers clean, clever, and sophisticated design products on schedule and within budget. She is not one to impose her design ideas on you, but makes it her business to work with you to suss out exactly what you want based on the assets available, and recommend ways to execute creative when assets are more than lacking.


Developer Consultant, Sudjam

David Elsensohn

I am pleased to recommend Stephanie Lopez as an expert in creative direction, design, and project management. My experience with her is through a limited few clients as a developer and integrator, and I would not hesitate to work with more.

Stephanie is exceedingly pleasant to work with, trusting the expertise and input from others with whom she interacts. She understands clients' goals and desires--even the ones they do not suspect--and understands that there are occasional issues and roadblocks that occur during development.

Stephanie's design work is also developer-friendly, and savvy regarding web-specific needs; she is not locked within a print artist's viewpoint. She even organizes and labels her Photoshop layers. She gets it.

As of yet, she has not complained about my overly wordy questions and requests via instant messenger.